19 March 2012


I am the ICT Manager for a "small" manufacturing business (approx $100m annual revenue) in Australia.

I am also the entire ICT Department so my daily tasks range from printer jams and "I lost this document" to Systems Security and Strategic Planning for our ICT resources.

One aspect of company ICT direction is implementing a full IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack layer. I thought it would be useful to myself, and hopefully to others, to document the progress, problems and solutions as I go.

Background on myself:
  • Based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Had an interest in computers since 1994, and worked in IT for just over 10 years now.
  • Previous roles have included general ICT Support, ICT Manager for an international wholesale company and Security Consultant for large automotive companies, Australia-wide retail chains and private educational institutes.
  • I am part of Generation Y.

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