29 May 2012

Managed IPv6

In the IPv4 world that many of us grew up in, we had 2 quite simple options for configuring hosts; Static Addressing and DHCP. On (very) small networks, and for servers, we would explicitly configure one or more IPv4 addresses on a host that would be there (in theory) no matter what. No dependence on external resources to have an address configured. You didn't even need to have a physical network cable plugged in! (Although that would somewhat defeat the purpose in most situations)

As you would expect, things are a little different in IPv6..! In my not-so-humble opinion, this is the biggest "problem" facing IPv6 adoption, but the whole arrangement is still undergoing refinement.

We now have 3 methods for configuring addressing under IPv6:

  1. Static Addressing
  2. DHCPv6 (Also called "Stateful Autoconfiguration")
  3. Stateless Address Autoconfiguration ("Autoconf")
This article will go briefly through each option and how it applies when trying to manage a network.