30 August 2012

Link: ISC Diary on Addressing Mechanisms

A good article over at the ISC Diary today regarding IPv6 addressing mechanisms:

  1. "Other" and "Managed" flag cleared, but the DHCP server is still running and the systems had a DHCP address prior to the last rebootWindows 8 and OS X will still use the DHCP server.
    Linux and Window 7 will only use the RA provided address
  2. "Managed" flag set, DHCP server running
    all operating systems tested will use RA and DHCP provided addresses
  3. "Managed" and "Other" flag set, but the DHCP server is not runningall operating systems tested will just use the RA provided addresses
  4. "Managed" and "Other" flag set (and DHCP Server running
    This test was a bit tricky. In a first round, all operating systems ignored the RA, and only used the DHCP address. In a second round, they accepted all.

Visit the ICS Diary to see the full details:

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